Andrea Rossi is doing two things this summer. He is plunging ahead with plans to manufacture his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device; and continuing his legal war with former partner Industrial Heat LLC.

“The decision has been taken. We will have two poles of manufacturing; one in the USA and one in Sweden,” Rossi wrote on his blog on June 17, 2016. Sweden refers to the factory; Rossi and Hydrofusion are negotiating to buy in that country. The location of the US factory is unknown at this time.


Is Elon Musk Rossi’s Role Model?

No new details about the factory; or the lawsuit against Industrial Heat, are available. Although a good picture of what it might look like can be gained by taking a look at Elon Musk’s manufacturing operations at Tesla and Solar City.

This Seeking Alpha post does a good job of explaining the vertical integration business plan that Musk is using. Vertical integration means that a company controls as much of the production process. Musk builds the batteries for his cars at the giant Gigafactory in Nevada, and the cars themselves at an old General Motors plant in Freemont California.

Rossi wants vertical integration of ecat for the same reasons Musk does. It gives him more control and allows him to make more money from the product.

Musk is trying to revolutionize manufacturing with new levels of vertical integration. Eletek reported that the billionaire has been spending most his time on the floor of his car factory reengineering the manufacturing process.

“We realized that the true problem, the true difficulty, and where the greatest potential is – is building the machine that makes the machine,” Musk told Tesla’s shareholders. In other words, it’s building the factory. I’m really thinking of the factory like a product.”

Musk wants to make manufacturing faster, cheaper and more efficient. He also wants to shrink the size of factories in order to save time and money.

Rossi seems to be paying attention, Matts Lewan reported that Leonardo Corporation plans to use industrial robots manufactured by the Swiss Company ABB to manufacture his Quark X model e-cat. It is not clear if Rossi’s factory would be as efficient as Musk’s.

Musk wants to build Factories on Mars

The reason why Musk wants to develop a superefficient smaller factory has also been revealed. He probably wants to take it to Mars. Musk told The Washington Post that he wants to start sending unmanned spacecraft to the Red Planet in 2018; and land a manned mission there as early as 2025.

Elon also wants to develop a regular cargo route to Mars; and a Mars Colonial Transporter. Those will support his Mars colony; which will presumably require industry. That’s where the small efficient robot factories will come in, they will be located on Mars.

So far there’s no word on whether Rossi is planning an expedition to Mars or prepared to participate in Musk’s endeavors.